How to Clean Your Lash Extensions..and WHY!

May 9, 2016

Properly cleaning your eyelash extensions is vital to the life of your extensions. Not only will they look better, and last longer but they will protect the health of your eyes. I get it, you love them so you don't want to touch them. But if you are afraid to clean your lash extensions, because you think they will fall out, please take a note of these important facts:


1. If you don’t clean your lashes, you will lose them sooner anyway. Why? Our skin secretes oil and, as you probably already know from your lash stylist, oil is one of the main things that will cause premature lash loss.

2. Everyone has natural microscopic debris that live on their lashes and are completely harmless. However, an excessive amount of natural dirt and debris in the lash follicle, caused by poor hygiene, will usually result eyelashes falling out prematurely.

3. Constant neglect of your lashes will result in increased sensitivity and a higher chance of allergic reactions. So after several sessions now your eyes are starting to react differently huh? Well, lack of consistent cleaning could be the reason. 


So, now that we’ve covered the WHY, here’s the HOW of it all…


First off, at the absolute minimum, give your lashes a daily wash with warm water, and a gentle brush supplied at your first full set appointment. Use a clean mascara wand after to fluff lashes back into place.  At least 2-3 times a week, clean your lashes using L'Royal lash Shampoo product to cleanse them.

Here’s how:
1. Dispense your chosen cleanser onto your hand, with one eye closed, dip your cleansing brush into the shampoo and apply to your lashes and lash line. 
2. Gently work the cleanser into the lashes. Lint free applicators are great for thorough removal of makeup along the lash line if you don not have the shampoo brush. 
3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
4. Repeat with opposite eye.
5. Pat dry your face (do NOT rub) but avoid your eyes.
6. Leave to dry naturally or use a hair dryer on its minimum cool setting.
7. Use a clean, dry mascara wand to gently brush through the lashes to fluff them up again. Be careful not to drag the wand through the base of the lashes.


I love doing your lashes and my goal is for you to experience the best retention between appointments. The cleaner the lash, the longer the fluff!


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